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You can define network views to separately manage network domains that have the following characteristics:

  • Physically isolated and completely independent.
  • Logically separated networks for convenient management.
  • Virtual networks implemented with technologies such as a VRF.

You combine network views with scan interfaces to separate and manage networks. This prevents ambiguities that can occur through route leakage and possible overlapping IP address spaces, and provides further information to help in network and device discovery.

Network views provide a useful concept of isolation. Using network views, NetMRI enables you to manage networks that may have overlapping IP prefixes or address ranges, preventing addressing conflicts between separately managed networks. You can manage every network in complete isolation from other networks.

When you create discovery ranges, you can also directly associate them with a network view. For more information, see Configuring Discovery Ranges. When you also associate a virtual scan interface with that network view, the discovery range automatically becomes the range of IP addresses that are scanned and discovered on that scan interface.

For Operations Center deployments, you can create the same network view on different appliances. Each appliance uses its own scan interface to access the same network view.


If you delete a network view at a later time, all discovery ranges and static IPs that are associated with the network view will be deleted. For more information, see Discovery Using Network Views.

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