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Effective discovery of IP networks requires the following elements:

The Discovery Settings page (Settings icon > Setup section > Discovery Settings) defines the scope of the networks that NetMRI explores using CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing) address blocks, IP address ranges, IP address wildcards, static IP addresses, and seed router definitions.

NetMRI applies discovery settings equally to IPv4 and IPv6 networks, with the polling protocols specified in the Settings icon > Setup > Collection and Groups > Network Polling.

To perform your first network discovery, go to the Settings icon > Setup > Setup Wizard. When you use the Setup Wizard, the Wizard guides you through the process of performing discovery on the network. When specifying your first discovery ranges, you also select the network view to use for the discovered network. This step is required and is further explained in the topic Configuring Network Views.


Use caution when entering address ranges, particularly if you are using IPv6 values. If you have a default route to the Internet and you enter an address range incorrectly, you may receive a call from your ISP asking about a network scanner running from your network.

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