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Any and all NetMRI appliances and virtual appliance platforms can be licensed to run any NetMRI features. Starting with NetMRI 7.2.1, you can apply a new license or modify the existing license on a NetMRI physical appliance through the license generate administrative shell command. To use this command on a NetMRI virtual appliance, contact Infoblox Technical Support at Infoblox Technical Support will generate a license file for you or enable the license generate command so you can generate a license on your own.

When applying the license file using the license generate command, you can choose to deploy the NetMRI appliance in the standalone or Operations Center mode. For more information, see license generate command.

The customer name in a license must be specified in the ASCII encoding regardless of whether you generated the license on your own or obtained it from the Infoblox Support Team.

On the License Management page (Settings icon –> General Settings –> License Management), you can review your license configuration and upload the customer license or evaluation license file. The Current License Configuration panel displays your license type, expiration date, and license ID. You can use the license show and show license commands to review your license configuration.

Infoblox offers the following NetMRI licensing types:

  • Full NetMRI: The complete NetMRI package that includes all features from Automation Change Manager.
  • SPM2: Includes all features for the switch port management, except for Configuration Management, Policy Compliance and Performance features, Dashboard, and reports related to disabled features. For more information, see Switch Port Management.
  • Automation Change Manager: A superset of Switch Port Manager that includes support for the Automation Task Pack functions in NIOS, but excludes a few major features, such as Policy Management and Performance Management. For more information, see Job Management and Automation Change Manager.

Using Evaluation Licenses

You can obtain a single 60-day evaluation license for the NetMRI license type that is not currently under a purchased license, and if you have not already received a temporary license. For example, you may be currently running the Switch Port Manager as an original purchaser and wish to look at either Automation Change Manager (ACM) or the complete NetMRI package, you can obtain an evaluation license for ACM or Full NetMRI.

To obtain an Evaluation License file, perform the following: 

  1. Go to Settings –> General Settings –> License Management
  2. In the Evaluation License File Generation section, note the serial number.
  3. Go to and complete the license registration form by using the noted serial number. The registration site generates an Evaluation License file, which is valid for 60 days. Download the license file to your workstation.

To install the Customer License or Evaluation License file through the NetMRI GUI, perform the following:

  1. Go to Settings –> General Settings –> License Management
  2. In the License Installation section, click Choose File, then locate and select the license file.
  3. Click OK.

To install the Evaluation License file using the administrative shell command, perform the following: 

  1. Open a command line session through SSH to the NetMRI system.
  2. Enter the command set temp_license. See the following example:

> set temp_license
1. Add Switch Port Manager license
2. Add Automation Change Manager license
3. Add NetMRI license
Select license (1-3) or q to quit: 2
This action will generate a temporary 60-day Automation Change Manager license.
Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y
Automation Change Manager temporary license installed.
Expiration: 2017-10-27
Temporary license installed

Adding Network Devices to the License Count

NetMRI applies all detected and managed devices to the appliance's license count. After new systems are installed in the network, you can Discover the device and add it to the NetMRI license count.

To license a network device in NetMRI, perform the following:

  1. Under Network Explorer, click the respective hyperlink for a device. The Device Viewer appears.
  2. Under the Device Viewer's Settings & Status –> Management Status pane, click License. Choose AutomaticLicensed, or Unlicensed.

  3. Click OK after choosing your option for the selected device.

NetMRI gives priority to explicitly licensed devices in determining which devices to manage. Unlicensed devices continue to be managed by NetMRI, but their data sets are limited to basic discovery data.

To economize on Switch Port Management device licensing, or on any licensing, be aware that some device types don't warrant the allocation of license units from NetMRI. Examples include smart hubs and many PC clients in the network. NetMRI will discover these devices and include them in topologies, but such network devices don't necessarily require frequent change management; thus, simple discovery is sufficient for such devices and licensing is not required.