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This section provides information on all NetMRI feature sets for exploring the routed and switched enterprise network, its protocols, and the devices that inhabit that network. The first topic in this section concerns the concept of Issues, which quantify and define problems that arise across the network.

NetMRI's Network Explorer page provides the complete current inventory of devices in the managed network. It allows you to summarize and also view details of all routes, subnetworks, VLANs, and other global elements of the network. Also, the Discovery status of all devices, and the ability to view and drill down through the network topology.

Interacting with devices and groups of similar devices, along with interfaces and groups of similar interface types, are among the key explorations, troubleshooting and inspection features on NetMRI. The Interface Viewer and the Device Viewer are two key features for breaking out and inspecting any single network connection or network device.

Network Analysis is the gateway to key features such as the current list of issues, the system Dashboard, viewing performance characteristics in the network, down to the Device level, viewing change histories, and creating compliance policies. The focus here is on performance monitoring and change monitoring.