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NetMRI provides a comprehensive notification facility to send messages triggered by changes, issues, job status and system alerts of various types. For example, issues generated by NetMRI are strong indicators of potentially serious problems within the network. You may want to be informed whenever certain issues are generated during a scheduled analysis period. Notification subscriptions enable you to request one or more notifications to be sent, via various protocols, to different destinations and raised only by specific device groups and interface groups. Notifications can be customized to support e-mail, SNMP trap and syslog delivery protocols.
As with many other elements in NetMRI, a Notification is a type of job; a job that notifies administrators about things that are going on in the NetMRI system, notifying users about problems encountered in the network, by an appliance, or on an Operations Center.
Create and manage notifications in these pages:

  • The Issues page (Network Analysis –> Issues) lists existing notifications, and enables users with appropriate privileges to add and edit notifications. (See Issues and the Network Scorecard for more information.)
  • The Subscriptions page (Settings icon –> Notifications –> Subscriptions) defines which user accounts receive event notifications and the types of notifications they receive. (See Subscribing to Notifications for more information.)
  • The Sent Notifications page lists sent notifications, and enables you to review their details. (See Checking Sent Notifications for more information.)
  • The Notification Defaults page (Settings icon –> Notifications–> Defaults) enables an administrator to specify certain default settings for e-mail, syslog and SNMP notification protocols. (See Setting Notification Defaults for more information.)
  • The System Messages page lists the events generated by NetMRI.
  • System Health provides deeper insight into possible Issues related to NetMRI appliance operation. (See Managing and Tracking System Health for more information.)