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In the Syslog Forwarding page (Settings icon –> Setup –> Syslog Forwarding) you can specify up to three hosts to receive forwarded syslog messages after they are relayed by NetMRI. This feature is not directly related to notifications through Syslog; notifications enable specification of a discrete Syslog server or servers to receive and handle notifications. The same Syslog server values can be used in both locations.
Syslog forwarding enables NetMRI to specify up to three Syslogd-running servers that will receive Syslog messages from the appliance.

Note: Operations Center only: Before changing settings in this page, use the Filter by Collector field in the right side of the header to select a Collector.

The Syslog Forwarding page provides three entry fields: Host One, Host Two and Host Three.
For each host, also select their respective Host One Network View, Host Two Network View, and Host Three Network View.
Specify a host using its IP_address or an IP_address:port tuple. If a port number is not specified, the port number defaults to 514.