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You can view various device data in the Topology Viewer as follows:

  • To view basic data about a device: Hover the mouse over the device.
  • To view detailed data about a device: Click the device. The Device Viewer opens.
  • To view basic data about the link between two devices: Hover over the link.
  • To generate a new graph with a device as the starting point: Right-click the device and select L2 nHop, L3 nHop, L2/L3 Most Likely Path, or L3 Most Likely Path.

Right-clicking on a node provides additional options for viewing and managing the node. From this menu, you can open various node’s pages for quick access to specific settings:

  • Device Viewer: Opens the NetMRI device viewer page.
  • Config Explorer: Opens the Configuration Explorer page for the device.
  • View Running Config: Opens the current running configuration for the device.
  • Changes: Shows any changes made to the device.
  • Issues list: Displays all issues found with the device.
  • Policy Compliance: Displays the status of any policies on the device.
  • Schedule Job: Opens the job scheduling tool.
  • Execute Command: Opens the script execution page within NetMRI.
  • Show End Hosts: Displays or hides the end hosts.
  • Show Edge Devices: Shows edge devices in a separate window. You can add edge devices to the graph from this window. For more information on edge devices, see Other Properties.
  • L2 nHop: Highlights all nodes within a set amount of hops. These nodes are highlighted in red, with their edges highlighted in dashed red lines.
  • L3 nHop: Displays the L3 nHop Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • L2/L3 Most Likely Path: Displays the L2/L3 Most Likely Path Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • L3 Most Likely Path: Displays the L3 Most Likely Path Network Topology map in a separate window.
  • Edit: Allows the editing of node properties. It is only available for custom nodes.
  • Edit label: Upon a right-click on an edge, allows the editing if the edge’s IF label.

Note: Graph choices depend on what can be viewed from the selected device.

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