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Before you upgrade, downgrade, or revert to a different NIOS software version, you can view the current software version that is running on the Grid, the NIOS image you have uploaded, and the available version to which you can revert. Grid Manager displays the software information in the Upgrade tab.
To view software information:

  1. From the Grid tab, select the Upgrade tab.
  2. Grid Manager displays the following in the Grid Version Information section:
    • Running: The NIOS software version that is currently running on the Grid.
    • Uploaded: The latest NIOS image file you have uploaded and is available for distribution.
    • Distribution: The NIOS software version used for distribution or is available for distribution.
    • Revert: The NIOS software version to which the appliance can revert.
    • Distribution Schedule: Displays the date and time of the next scheduled distribution.
    • Upgrade Schedule: Displays the date and time of the next scheduled upgrade.

Note: Grid Manager leaves a field empty when there is no available software for the specific function.

Grid Manager automatically refreshes the Upgrade tab with the latest information and displays the timestamp in the Last Updated field below the Grid Version Information section.

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