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You can revert the Grid to a version of software that was previously running on your NIOS appliance. The NIOS appliance stores the previous software version in its backup software partition. You can see if there is a software version to which you can revert and its version number in the Alternate Version column in the Grid Version Information section of the Upgrade tab. To view the software version, from the Grid tab, select the Upgrade tab. Note that once you start distributing a new NIOS version after an upgrade, you cannot revert to a previous NIOS version.
Be aware that when you revert to this software, changes made since the Grid was last upgraded are lost, including the new DHCP leases and other DNS changes.
To revert to a version of software previously running on a Grid or on an independent appliance or HA pair:

  • From the Grid tab, select the Upgrade tab, and then click Revert -> Revert Grid from the Toolbar.

Grid Manager displays a warning indicating that the revert process disrupts Grid services. Read the warning carefully, and then click Yes to confirm your decision to revert.

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