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In My Smart Folders, you can create personal smart folders and links to global smart folders. When you create links to global smart folders, you can only view information in the folders. However, you can create a local copy of the global smart folder in its current state for editing purposes. Note that when the original global smart folder is updated, information in your local copy is not updated. For information, see Saving a Copy of a Smart Folder. When you delete a link to a global smart folder in this tab, only the link is deleted. There is no impact on the information in the original global smart folder.
Grid Manager displays a list of smart folders in the list panel. The same list of smart folders is also displayed in the Finder panel. For information, see Finder Panel.
When you mouse over a smart folder in the list panel, the following icons appear:

  • Information: Displays information about the selected smart folder. Information includes comments and filter criteria of the folder. It also displays how you grouped the filtered data.
  • Edit: Click this icon to edit the definition and filter criteria for the smart folder.
  • Delete: Click this icon to delete the smart folder. This operation does not affect the objects or networks that are in the folder. Only the smart folder is deleted.
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