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To enable Cloud Network Automation, you must install valid licenses on the Grid Master and Cloud Platform Appliance members. Depending on your deployment scenarios, you can take advantage of Elastic Scaling to automatically deploy virtual cloud appliances, either inside or outside your CMP. For more information about Elastic Scaling and how to use it, see The table below provides information about the IB-FLEX platform and various flavor settings.
The following valid licenses are part of the Cloud Network Automation solution:

  • Cloud Network Automation license on the Grid Master and Grid Master Candidate
  • Cloud Platform license on the Cloud Platform AppliancesThe license you install on the Grid Master enables the Cloud user interface functions in Grid Manager and Tenant permissions.
  • Multi-Grid Manager
  • Reporting

Cloud Platform licenses are only supported on Cloud Platform Appliances. They may not be installed on any other Infoblox physical or virtual appliances. The following licenses and functionality are not supported on the Cloud Platform Appliances:

  • Microsoft Management
  • Multi-Grid Management
  • Network Insight
  • Reporting
  • Tiered DNS Cache Acceleration
  • DNS Cache Acceleration
  • Load Balancing
  • Infoblox
  • RIR (Regional Internet Registry)

Before you install or remove the Cloud Platform license, consider the following:

  • Installing or removing the Cloud Platform license stops the cloud API service.
  • When you remove the Cloud Platform license from the appliance, it still serves DNS and DHCP if those licenses are installed on the appliance. However, the appliance will no longer be able to run the cloud API service. In addition, you cannot delegate authority to this member for objects that have not already been delegated to this appliance. Existing delegations to this member remain in the NIOS database, but API requests proxied from other Cloud Platform Appliances or from the Grid Master will fail.
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