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Each Infoblox appliance model has a minimum required release of Infoblox software. Before downgrading an appliance, refer to the document, Minimum Required Release Software for Hardware Platforms, that shipped with your product.
The downgrade procedure is for single independent appliances only. Infoblox does not support software downgrades for Grid members, but you can revert to the previous NIOS release (see the next section) on a Grid Master.

Caution: Although the downgrade process preserves license information and basic network settings, it does not preserve data. After you complete the downgrade procedure, all data in the database is lost.

To downgrade software on a single independent appliance running NIOS 4.0 or later:

  1. From the Grid tab, select the Upgrade tab, and then click Downgrade from the Toolbar.
    Grid Manager displays a warning indicating that reverting to the current release is not possible once you start the downgrade. Read the warning carefully, and then click Yes to confirm your decision to downgrade.
  2. In the Choose file dialog box, navigate to the downgrade image file, and then click Open to upload the file. The appliance uploads the file to the Grid Master. You cannot stop the downgrade process once you start it. Grid Manager displays the downgrade status in the status bar.
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