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This chapter describes how to manage your networks and IP addresses through the Infoblox IPAM (IP Address Management) implementation. It contains the following sections:

About IP Address Management
IPAM is the allocation, administration, reporting, and tracking of public and private IP spaces, network devices, and their associated data. It comprises the deployment of DNS and DHCP services and the monitoring of network devices and performance to ensure data integrity and security of your networks.
The Infoblox IPAM implementation is a feature-rich and easy-to-use solution that encompasses support for IPv4, IPv6, network discovery, and automated monitoring.
Infoblox IPAM provides tools that integrate the allocation, administration, reporting, and tracking of your entire network space. Figure 13.1 highlights the Infoblox IPAM implementation.

Figure 13.1 Infoblox IPAM Features

You can perform the following IPAM tasks to effectively manage and control your network:

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