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This chapter explains how to manage upgrade groups and perform software upgrades and downgrades for NIOS appliances. It also describes how to back up and restore configuration files. It includes the following sections:

About Upgrades
Infoblox frequently releases updated NIOS software. Contact Infoblox Technical Support to learn which file name to use when downloading a new upgrade file, or watch your email for periodic notifications that a new software upgrade is available. To get the latest upgrade, your local network must be capable of downloading a file from the Internet. For information about how to upgrade, see Upgrading NIOS Software.
You can upgrade an appliance to a specific release if the current release on your appliance supports the upgrade path. For information about the upgrade and revert paths of a specific release, refer to the latest release notes at Depending on whether there are database schema changes between the existing and upgrade releases, the appliance can perform either a lite or full upgrade. For information, see Lite Upgrades and Full Upgrades.
You can schedule certain upgrades for a Grid. Scheduling an upgrade can minimize network and operational outages, especially when Grid members are spanned across different time zones. You can also arrange the upgrade to happen during non-peak hours for specific members to avoid overloading the network traffic. When you schedule an upgrade, you can schedule to update all Grid members at the same time or at different times. Depending on the configuration of your Grid and the software version that is currently running in the Grid, you can also schedule your upgrades for different members over a period of time. For more information, see Scheduling Upgrades .
Based on your network requirements and topology, you can organize your members into upgrade groups so these members can be upgraded at the same time. For more information about upgrade groups, see Managing Upgrade Groups.
You can also import and export upgrade groups and their distribution and upgrade schedules in CSV format. For information about how to import and export in CSV format, see About CSV Import and Exporting Datato Files.

Note: When you promote a Grid Master candidate to a Grid Master, you cannot revert to the previous release. Also, your login username cannot contain any uppercase letters (A to Z), otherwise an upgrade will fail.

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