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NIOS virtual appliances support most of the features of the Infoblox NIOS software, with some limitations. This appendix describes these limitations. Table E.1 summarizes the supported NIOS virtual appliance models.

Note: VMware Tools are automatically installed for each NIOS virtual appliance. Infoblox supports the control functions in Hyper-V Manager and VMware Tools. For example, through the vSphere client, you can shut down the virtual appliance.

Table E.1 Supported NIOS virtual Appliance Models and Specifications

NIOS Virtual AppliancesPrimary Disk (GB)# of CPU CoresMemory Allocation (GB)Virtual CPU Core Frequency LimitNIOS for VMwareNIOS for MS Hyper-VNIOS for XenNIOS for KVMNIOS for AWSSupported as Grid Master and Grid
IB-VM-10055111300 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)No
only; 1 GB
daily limit)
300 (Primary & Reporting)2Range: 4 – 8
Default: 8
3000 MHz(tick)3(tick)(tick)(tick)1(plus)No
only; 2 GB
daily limit)
300 (Primary & Reporting)2Range: 4 – 8
Default: 8
3000 MHz(tick)3(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
IB-V805 *
250 (+ 1 TB user defined reporting storage)232N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
IB-VM-81055222000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)No
IB-VM-810160222000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
IB-V815 *250216N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-VM-82055243000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)Yes2
IB-VM-820160243000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)Yes2
IB-V825 *250216N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
only; 5 GB
daily limit)
555 (Primary & Reporting)4Default: 8 GB8000 MHz(tick)3(tick)(plus)(plus)(plus)No
IB-V1405 *
250 (+1.2 TB user defined reporting storage)432N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
IB-VM-14105548 GB6000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
IB-VM-1410160486000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)Yes2
IB-V1415 *250432N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-VM-1420160488000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)Yes2
IB-V1425 *250432N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-V2205 *
250 (+ 2.4 TB user defined reporting storage)864N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
IB-VM-221016041212000 MHz(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)(plus)Yes2
IB-V2215 *250864N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-VM-222016041212000 MHz(tick)(plus)(tick)(tick)(tick)Yes2
IB-V2225 *250864N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
250 (+ 1500 GB reporting storage)8242400 MHz(tick)(plus)(plus)(plus)(plus)No

(Reporting only)

250 (+ user defined reporting)141282400 MHz(tick)(plus)(plus)(plus)(plus)No
IB-V4015250141282400 MHz(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-V4025250141282400 MHz(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
IB-V5005**User defined reporting storageUser definedUser definedN / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)(plus)No
Network Insight Virtual AppliancesOverall Disk (GB)# of CPU Cores Memory Allocation (GB)Virtual CPU Core Frequency LimitNIOS for VMwareNIOS for MS Hyper-VNios for XenNIOS for KVMNIOS for AWSSupported as Grid Master and Grid Master Candidate
ND-V800160283000 MHz(tick)3(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
ND-V805 *5250232N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
ND-V14001604168000 MHz(tick)3(tick)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
ND-V1405 *5250432N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
ND-V220016082424000 MHz(tick)3(plus)(tick)(plus)(plus)No
ND-V2205 *5250832N / A(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)No
ND-V4005250141282400 MHz(tick)(tick)(plus)(tick)4(plus)Yes
Cloud Platform Virtual AppliancesOverall Disk (GB)# of CPU Cores Memory Allocation (GB)Virtual CPU Core Frequency LimitNIOS for VMwareNIOS for MS Hyper-VNios for XenNIOS for KVMNIOS for AWSSupported as Grid Master and Grid Master Candidate
CP-V800160222000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)No
CP-V1400160486000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)No
CP-V220016041212000 MHz(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)No


  • You can freely assign resources to these virtual appliances to suit your business needs, as long as the resources are within the limits of the licenses being installed on the appliances.

1For KVM hypervisor only. Not supported for KVM-based OpenStack. Does not support Elastic Scaling.

2NIOS virtual appliance for Hyper-V is not recommended as a Grid Master or Grid Master Candidate. IB-VM-820 with 55 GB disk is not supported as the Grid Master or Grid Master Candidate for the NIOS virtual for KVM. The Identity Mapping feature is supported on the IB-VM-810 and IB-VM-820 appliances only if they are configured as Grid members, not as the Grid Master.

3Does not support Elastic Scaling.

4NIOS for KVM is supported in the following environments: OpenStack, RHEL, SuSE Enterprise and Cloud, and CentOS. Note that only IB-V1405 as a Reporting server has been qualified for OpenStack.

5ND virtual appliances are designed for Network Insight only. Discovery is supported in OpenStack only with SRIOV enabled.
For information about the limitations on each NIOS virtual appliance, see the following:

NIOS for Riverbed
NIOS virtual appliances on Riverbed have the following limitations:

  • They can function as Grid members only. You cannot configure them as HA (high availability) pairs, Grid Masters, Grid Master candidates, or independent appliances.
  • On a Grid with a NIOS virtual appliance on Riverbed as a Grid member, the maximum storage space for HTTP, FTP and TFTP is 1 GB (a Grid with only Infoblox appliances provides a maximum of 5 GB for these services), core files are 100 MB each, and syslog and inflobox.log files are 20 MB each. Scheduled backup file is 100 MB.
  • The LAN interface is the only network interface available on the NIOS virtual appliance. You cannot configure the speed and transmission type (full or half duplex) of the network interface.
  • You can use the traffic capture tool of the NIOS virtual software package to capture traffic only on the LAN port of the NIOS virtual appliance.
  • NIOS virtual appliances on Riverbed do not support the following features:
    • Anycast addressing
    • Configuration as a DHCP lease history logging member
    • Dedicated MGMT port
    • NTP service
    • bloxTools environment
    • Configuration for managing Microsoft® Windows DNS servers
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