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Job scripting is a key capability for NetMRI and for the Automation Change Manager system. Job scripting allows use of two linguistic approaches to script job-based automation: a proprietary language, called CCS (Change Control Scripting), a standard-language Perl API, and a standard-language Python API. This chapter focuses on Perl/Python scripting.


NetMRI needs the ENABLE password to access configuration files on some devices and to run the Configuration Command Scripts and Perl/Python scripts. To ensure easier identification of NetMRI actions, we recommend creating a username and password on your network equipment specifically for NetMRI.

CCS is a high-level scripting language that walls off access to the internals of the operating system and prevents operations such as overwriting blocks of memory and other potentially harmful actions. CCS also does not use or access the NetMRI Sandbox, which is a separate VM-based resource for Perl/Python scripting. Perl/Python scripting offers low-level access to all NetMRI system internals and the ability to use any operating system function or API call to affect any aspect of system operation. To prevent serious mistakes when using Perl/Python scripts, a dedicated and isolated virtual machine environment is provided by NetMRI in which Perl/Python scripts are automatically executed on behalf of the user.

A separate document, the NetMRI CCS Scripting Guide (available in the Additional Documentation section of the NetMRI online help), describes CCS scripting syntax in detail with design patterns and example scripts.