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Hardware Models

Trinzic Appliances: TE-100, TE-810, TE-820, TE-1410, TE-1420, TE-2210, TE-2220, and IB-4010
Network Insight: ND-800, ND-1400, ND-2200, and ND-4000
Trinzic Reporting: TR-1400, TR-2000, TR-2200, and TR-4000
Advanced DNS Protection: PT-1400, PT-2200, and PT-4000
DNS Cache Acceleration Appliances: Infoblox-250-A, -550-A, -1050-A, -1550-A, -1552-A, -1852-A, and -2000-A
Network Automation: NetMRI-1102-A, NT-1400, NT-2200, and NT-4000

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