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Trinzic TE-2215 and TE-2225 are high performance network appliances that provide core network services, including DNS (Domain Name System), DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), IPAM (IP Address Management), and NTP (Network Time Protocol). A TE-2215 and TE-2225 appliance can be set up as a Grid member or a Grid Master. The appliance can operate with a second appliance of the same model in high availability (HA) mode. You configure and manage the Trinzic appliances through the Infoblox Grid Manager.
Key features of the appliances are as follows:

  • Support for Grid management and all administrative features for Infoblox IPAM, DNS, DDNS, and DHCP.
  • High availability support.
  • LOM (Lights Out Management) support.
  • Field replaceable hard disk drives and fan modules.
  • Hot-swappable AC or DC power supplies with support for a redundant 1+1 configuration.
  • Optional 10GbE or 1GBE SFP+/SFP system configurations for fiber or copper support.

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