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The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the overall health of your BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud service. It displays a few widgets that give you snapshots of the high-level traffic within your network infrastructure, the RPZ hits per policy, and the top malicious categories. Widgets are the building blocks of your Dashboard; and you can add or remove them to customize a Dashboard that is most suitable for your organization or business.

To add or remove a widget, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Dashboard.
  2. To add widgets, click +Widgets at the top right-hand corner of the Dashboard. In the right-hand panel, click and drag the selected widget on to the Dashboard. Available widgets include the following:
    • Total DNS Requests
    • Response Hits per Policy
    • Total DNS Activity
    • Rollup Summary
    • Top Threat Classes within Organization
    • Malicious Requests
    • Communications Threat Class and Remote Target
    • Top Threat Classes within Organization
  3. To drag or re-size a widget, click on the downward point arrow in the right-hand bottom of the widget and drag or re-size as desired.
  4. To remove widgets, click the header of a widget on the Dashboard, and then click the x icon to remove it.

You can click the timestamp at the top navigation bar to display the Time Range filters. Configure a time range or select a quick range to refine your widget results within a certain time frame.

To download a PDF version of the Dashboard page, click on Download as PDF located at the top-left of the screen.

The Dashboard is available only for BloxOneThreat Defense Business On-Premises, BloxOneThreat Defense Business Cloud, and BloxOne Threat Defense Advanced subscriptions.

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