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To view BloxOne Mobile Endpoint on your device, complete the following: 

1. Open BloxOne Mobile Endpoint 

To view BloxOne Mobile Endpoint, tap on BloxOne Mobile Endpoint icon on the home screen of your device.

Image 1: Device app screen displaying BloxOne Mobile Endpoint icon.

2. BloxOne Endpoint Status 

When you first open the BloxOne Mobile Endpoint application on your device, BloxOne Mobile Endpoint will be turned off by default. You will see the message: “You are Unprotected.”

Image 2: BloxOne Mobile Endpoint displaying a “You are Unprotected” message. Endpoint is turned off.

3. Turning On BloxOne Mobile Endpoint Protection

To turn on Endpoint protection, slide the toggle located in the upper, right-hand quadrant of the BloxOne Mobile Endpoint application screen to the right. BloxOne Mobile Endpoint is now active. You will see BloxOne Mobile Endpoint status change from unprotected to protected status with the following message: You are Protected.”

Health check is performed through Cloud Services Portal and DNS. If it is not possible to achieve a successful health check, then mobile endpoint will default to an unprotected state until such time a successful health check can be performed.

Image 3: BloxOne Mobile Endpoint displaying a “You are Protected” message. Endpoint is running.

4. Viewing Total Requests

The total number of requests received in the past 24 hours is displayed in the center of the screen. The graph located at the bottom of the screen displays the number of requests received on an hourly basis for the past 24 hours.

 Image 4: BloxOne Mobile Endpoint displaying the total number of requests received in the past 24 hours,  with 60 requests received during the past one hour period.

5. Viewing Hourly Requests 

Dragging the circle item across the graph line allows you to view the number of requests received during any selected one hour period within the past 24 hours.

Image 5: BloxOne Mobile Endpoint displaying the circle item on the graph line that can be dragged across the length of the graph to show the number of requests received during any one hour period during the past 24 hour. 

6. About

The About screen displays information about the installed BloxOne Mobile Endpoint application.

Image 6: The BloxOne Mobile Endpoint About screen. The About screen provides information on BloxOne Endpoint including the version installed.

7. Logs/Status

The Logs/Status screen allows you to view mobile endpoint logs and mobile endpoint status. The following information can be viewed on the Logs/Status screen: 

  • View Logs: Tapping View Logs displays endpoint logs. You can view configuration, application, and query logs.
  • Send to support: Tapping Send to support opens a screen where endpoint logs can be sent to support. 

Status: The status screen displays the current status for BloxOne Mobile Endpoint.

Image 7: The BloxOne Mobile Endpoint Logs/Status screen. 

8. Logs (Example)

The Logs screen displays data for the three following log types: 

  • Config
  • App
  • Query

Image 8: An application log example for BloxOne Mobile Endpoint running on this device.

9. Support

The Support screen displays the log report ready to be sent to the BloxOne Mobile Endpoint support team.

Images 9 and 10: Support log examples for BloxOne Mobile Endpoint to be sent to the support team.

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