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On-prem hosts can be configured with the following services. Services can be enabled at the time of configuration, or a host can be enabled/disabled at a later date. On-prem host services are disabled by default.  For further information on configuring an on-prem hosts, see Creating On-Prem Hosts.

On-Prem Host Service Configurations and Licensing Requirements




For information on configuring Anycast as an on-prem host, see Anycast for On-Prem Host.

BloxOne Threat Defense Plus, BloxOne Threat Defense Business Cloud, BloxOne DDI 

Data Connector

For information on configuring Data Connector as an on-prem host, see Viewing and Modifying Data Connector Configuration.  

BloxOne Threat Defense Advanced, BloxOne Threat Defense Business, BloxOne DDI 


For information on configuring DHCP as an on-prem host, see DHCP in the Infoblox BloxOne DDI documentation. 

BloxOne DDI 


For information on configuring DNS as an on-prem host, see Configuring DNS Forwarding Proxy and BloxOne DDI DNS

BloxOne DDI 

DNS Forwarding Proxy

For information on configuring DNS Forwarding Proxy as an on-prem host, see DNS Forwarding Proxy.

BloxOne Threat Defense

NIOS Grid Connector

For information on configuring NIOS Grid Connector as an on-prem host, see On-Prem Infoblox Grid.

BloxOne DDI 

See the following topics for information about how to deploy and manage DNS Forwarding Proxy 
as a service on an on-prem host:

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