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Endpoint automatically upgrades itself whenever a new version of the client is available on the Cloud Services Portal. Your systems and end user devices are automatically upgraded and always have the latest version of the Endpoint client.

Under normal circumstances, no manual actions are required during the automatic upgrade process. However, if your system crashes, is rebooted, or is being shutdown while the upgrade is in progress, there is a small window (about 15 to 30 seconds) within which the existing Endpoint version has been uninstalled but the upgrade has not yet been installed. When you restart your system or user device during this time window, there will not be a running version of Endpoint on your system or device. You must manually reinstall Endpoint before your system or device can access the Cloud Services Portal and receive automatic upgrades in the future.

The download package for endpoint is renamed from ActiveTrust Endpoint to BloxOne Endpoint. If you currently have ActiveTrust Endpoint installed on your network, you will continue to receive auto-updates for Endpoint. New endpoint installations use the BloxOne Endpoint install package. For information about how to download BloxOne Endpoint, see Downloading Endpoint

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