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The navigation menu is located on the top of the screen and provides access to all functions of the portal. It consists of “Data Management”, “Search”, “Resources”, and user management resources listed under the user's name.

●  “Data Management” provides access to data governance and submission tools, a link to the dashboard, and Alexa Top domains.

●  “Search” provides access to conducting Dossier and Indicator searches.

●  “Resources” contains API guides, Threat Classification Guide, default threat indicators TTLs, and a description of the subscription levels.

●  “<Your username>” provides user management resources such as metric reports and user settings.

On the home dashboard you can find:

●  Indicator Search widget – a shortcut to perform an Infoblox Threat Indicator search.

●  Active Indicator Filters search widget – a shortcut to perform an Infoblox active indicator filter search.

●  Daily Threat Types and Weekly Data Types widgets – provides information about daily and weekly Infoblox published IOC’s discovered/added by our Cyber Threat Intelligence team.

●  Resources widget – provides shortcuts to popular resource links.

●  Partners widgets – provides overview information about premium partner data feeds which are part of the TIDE marketplace and can be purchased “a la carte”.

●  By selecting “Infoblox” in the upper left corner, you can return to the start page/dashboard.

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