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TIDE API consists of a Data API and an Admin API. The Data API is used to submit and retrieve threat indicators. The Admin API provides access to governance policies, data profiles, and information about available sources and targets for data sharing. The TIDE platform provides API Guides, which describe all filters and options available by using an API call. Before using the API guides, an API Key must be entered into the “api_key” field.

The API keys are configured in the Manage API Keys section of the User Settings page. A new API key may be generated, or an existing API key can be used. To copy the desired API key to the clipboard, click on it. Once the key is copied onto the clipboard, the API key may be pasted into the API Key field located on each API guide page.

The TIDE platform leverages the Basic Auth method in HTTP/HTTPS to transport the API key. The API key is passed in the username field. The password field should be set to an empty string. All data fields (including filter) represented in ISO 8601 format.

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