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Service log download is available for all on-prem hosts that you have configured and are in the following state: Active, Degraded, and Disconnected.

To download service logs, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click AdministrationLogsService Logs.
  2. On the Service Logs page, complete the following steps:

Step 1: Select Download logs by clicking on the radial button associated with it.

Step 2: Select the service logs you want to download. The available choices include DNS, DHCP (for Bloxone DDI), and DNS Forwarding Proxy.

Note: You can select only one service log type to download at a time.  If you want to download multiple service log types, then you must download each service log type separately.

Step 3: Select the host or hosts for which you want to download the service logs by clicking the Add button. From the drop down list, you can select up to five on-prem hosts for downloading. Logs will be downloaded for all on-prem hosts selected and present in the table. The system limits downloading to five logs at a time.  

Step 4: Select a date for the service logs you want to view. 


A maximum of one day (24 hours) of service log data can be downloaded.

Step 5: Click on the Download Logs button to download the selected service log or logs. BloxOne Threat Defense downloads the service logs in .log files, depending on the number of hosts you have selected. For example, if you have selected five hosts, you download five .log files. You can open these files using any supported applications, such as a browser. You can also open the file in a desired format, such as JSON, if you have configured your system to do so.

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