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Dossier Threat Indicator Analysis

The Infoblox Dossier™ threat indicator workspace provides for an efficiently ordered workflow for analysts researching threat indicators. All information is logically organized and displayed. This allows threat analysts to focus their efforts on tracking down threats, rather than tracking where in the UI they can find the information they are interested in viewing. Information in the Dossier UI is organized into the following sections.

All data columns are default sorted in descending order, where the most recent information is located at the top of the column. By clicking on the column header, the user may sort the data column ascending.

Pivoting may be conducted by clicking on any of the data possessing a blue-colored hyperlink

Other than the Summary, Category, and Whois feature panels, each of the panels can be toggled open or close by clicking on the panel’s name or arrow icon located immediately to the left of the panel’s name.

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