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After you set up your Data Connector virtual appliance, you must set up certain configurations so that the Data Connector can gather relevant information from the Grid members, and then send the data to the reporting server.


To send data to a NIOS reporting destination, an RW admin user permission is required.

To configure the Data Connector to send DNS data to a reporting server, complete the following:

  1. Enable DNS service on the Grid Master. For information about enabling DNS service on the Grid Master, refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide.
  2. Configure and register the Data Connector in NIOS, as described in Registering and Viewing Data Connector in NIOS.
  3. Configure the Grid to capture DNS queries and responses, as described in Configuring DNS Queries and Responses. This is an optional step for customers who want to collect data from NIOS. 

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