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To configure DNS Forwarding Proxy, complete the following:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage > On-Prem Hosts.
  2. Select the on-prem host to be configured from the list of on-prem hosts.
  3. Click Service and select DNS Forwarding Proxy > Configure from the drop-down menuNote that the option to select DNS Forwarding Proxy as a service is only available after the on-prem host has been online and the DNS Forwarding Proxy service is enabled
  4. In the DNS Forwarding Proxy dialog, expand each section:

    1. Local Resolvers: Click Add and complete the following:

      1. IP ADDRESS: Add the IP Address of the local resolver.
      2. LOCAL RESOLVER: The Local Resolver is enabled automatically.
      3. DNS FALLBACK: DNS fallback is disabled by default. You can enable DNS fallback based on your business requirements. For more information, see DNS Forwarding Proxy Fallback to Local DNS Server.
    2. Internal Domain Lists: Click Add and complete the following:
      1. NAME: Click the drop-down menu and select a bypass domain from the list. 
  5. Click Save & Close to save the DNS Forwarding Proxy configuration.

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