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To enable or disable services on an on-prem host, do the following:
  1. On the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage > On-Prem Hosts
  2. Select an on-prem host, and click   > Edit.
  3. Expand Applications & Services.
  4. Use the toggle button to enable or disable the service. All services available with your licenses are displayed in the SERVICES table.

After enabling a service on an on-prem host, you can start, stop, or configure the service. The list of services varies depending on you license entitlements. To start, stop, or configure a service:

  1. Select an on-prem host.
  2. Click the Service menu at the top action bar, and choose one of the following
    • Start to start a service
    • Stop to stop the service
    • Configure to configure service settings.


  • You must first enable applicable services on an on-prem host before you can start,  stop, or configure the respective services from the Service menu.
  • We currently do not support starting and stopping NTP service.

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