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The Cloud Services Portal displays notifications for specific events, such as license expiration or CPU usage. Infoblox implements deduplication for notifications to prevent notification floods, which identifies identical notifications and sets a grace period to stop duplicated notifications before sending them again.

Notifications can be delivered through emails and/or other configured service integrations. You can override the default delivery methods as well as set up the thresholds for certain application notifications.

The following are the type of delivered notifications:

  • Account notifications: These are notifications generated from admin account activities, such as identity services, password reset, or license expiration. Please be aware that license expiration notifications are received only through the Cloud Services Portal and not through email.
  • Application notifications: These are notifications generated from applications that contain threshold configurations, such as memory usage or CPU usage of on-prem host.


Individual users can opt-out of specific notifications by updating their User Preferences and selecting the notifications they want to receive. Individual settings do not affect the global settings for other users.

You can perform the following tasks:

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