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Dossier – September 5, 2018


  • Dossier Bulk API
    Dossier Bulk API calls are now supported. Using the Dossier Bulk API call, it is possible to make calls containing multiple indicators at the same time. With this release, up to 100 indicators may be looked up per call. No longer is it necessary to make each indicator call separately. This enhancement is available for Cloud and On-Prem customers.

Dossier – May 23, 2018

New Feature

  • ActiveTrust Dossier 2.0 (early release)
    Dossier 2.0 has been redesigned and re-engineered from the ground up to provide a more powerful set of threat research and analysis tools, making the threat research experience faster, easier, and more effective. Dossier 2.0 resides within the Cloud Services Portal, meaning that you are no longer redirected away from the Cloud Services Portal when using Dossier’s threat intelligence tools.

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