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This guide is applicable to the following appliances:

  • Trinzic TE-2210 and TE-2220
  • Advanced Appliance PT-2200
  • Network Insight ND-2200
  • Trinzic Reporting TR-2200

Copyright Statements
© 2017, Infoblox Inc.— All rights reserved.
The contents of this document may not be copied or duplicated in any form, in whole or in part, without the prior written permission of Infoblox, Inc.
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. Infoblox, Inc. shall not be liable for any damages resulting from technical errors or omissions which may be present in this document, or from use of this document.
This document is an unpublished work protected by the United States copyright laws and is proprietary to Infoblox, Inc. Disclosure, copying, reproduction, merger, translation, modification, enhancement, or use of this document by anyone other than authorized employees, authorized users, or licensees of Infoblox, Inc. without the prior written consent of Infoblox, Inc. is prohibited.
For Open Source Copyright information, refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide.

Trademark Statements
Infoblox, the Infoblox logo, Grid, NIOS, bloxTools, NetMRI, Network Automation, and PortIQ are trademarks or registered trademarks of Infoblox Inc.
All other trademarked names used herein are the properties of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only.

Company Information

Product Information
Hardware Models

Infoblox Advanced Appliances: PT-1400, PT-1405, PT-2200, PT-2205, PT-4000, and PT-4000-10GE
Network Insight Appliances: ND-800, ND-805, ND-1400, ND-1405, ND-2200, ND-2205, and ND-4000
Trinzic Appliances: TE-100, TE-805, TE-810, TE-815, TE-820, TE-825, TE-1405, TE-1410, TE-1415, TE-1420,
TE-1425, TE-2205, TE-2210, TE-2215, TE-2220, TE-2225, IB-4010, and IB-4020 (All Trinzic Rev-1 and Rev-2)
Cloud Network Automation: CP-V800, CP-V1400, and CP-V2200
Trinzic Reporting: TR-800, TR-805, TR-1400, TR-1405, TR-2200, TR-2205, and TR-4000
DNS Cache Acceleration Appliances: IB-4030 and IB-4030-10GE
NetMRI: NetMRI-1102-A, NT-1400, NT-2200, and NT-4000

Document Number: 400-0537-000 Rev. E
Document Updated: April 6, 2017

Warranty Information
Your purchase includes a 90-day software warranty and a one year limited warranty on the Infoblox appliance, plus an Infoblox Warranty Support Plan and Technical Support. For more information about Infoblox Warranty information, refer to Infoblox Web site, or contact Infoblox Technical Support.

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